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Message ID: 1977     Entry time: Wed Jul 15 22:14:19 2015
Author: Arjun 
Type: Misc 
Category: PD noise 
Subject: Intensity Servo design 

Today evening I implemented the intensity servo, but I couldnt characterize it properly, which would be my first task tomorrow morning. Also, I have made a small circuit consiting of AD620 to analyze the differential signal and see the amount of common mode supression that I obtain. One thing to note is that, gain of the servo will have to be increased 30 to 300, because the remainig loop(AOM, MArconi FG etc) has a flat magnitude response of ~-20dB, to compensate for that we will have to increase the gain.

Also, another thing is to consider is that, there could be some differential signal due to the fact that the the transimpedence amplifiers for the two photodiodes are not exactly identical and this could cause some additional differential signal. I am currently thinking of a method to characterize and measure that difference.

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