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Entry  Fri Jun 26 18:02:17 2015, Kate, Alastair, Megan, Misc, Seismometer, Suspension attempt IMG_0823.JPG
    Reply  Tue Jun 30 15:43:49 2015, Steve, Misc, Seismometer, pin vises 
Message ID: 1951     Entry time: Fri Jun 26 18:02:17 2015     Reply to this: 1955
Author: Kate, Alastair, Megan 
Type: Misc 
Category: Seismometer 
Subject: Suspension attempt 

We spent the afternoon preparing the rhomboid to be suspended once more. This was done once already with two wires, but we had found the wire lengths were not equal enough to work out. This time we set up a device to carefully adjust the wire lengths. This required cutting new wires and re-clamping them in the pin vises. Unfortunately, one of the upper pin vises broke (see photo). This is one of the two that we had died so that we could screw bolts onto it. It broke at a location such that the mechanism for closing the collet around the wire no longer functions. In a spirit of pushing through to try to get the rhomboid suspended anyway, we mixed up some expoxy and glued the wire into the collet and the collet into the pin vise head. We decided we would adjust the other wire to match this particular wire's length. We prepared the other wire and slowly lowered the rhomboid. Upon letting the 2 wires fully take the weight, the second wire pulled out of its bottom pin vise. The wire didn't break, but the pin vise was simply not clamping it well enough. Upon inspection, it turns out this was the pin vise that had previously been damaged. The collet teeth don't fit together perfectly anymore, and there is indeed a gap between two of them which is most likely the cause of the malfunction. We taped the free end of the wire so it's not a hazard and are leaving the setup as is for now until we get a replacement pin vise. 

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