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Entry  Fri Jun 26 13:41:28 2015, Megan, Misc, Seismometer, More on the seismometer frame image1-1.JPGimage2-1.JPG
    Reply  Fri Jun 26 17:32:16 2015, Kate, Misc, Seismometer, More on the seismometer frame 
Message ID: 1950     Entry time: Fri Jun 26 17:32:16 2015     In reply to: 1949
Author: Kate 
Type: Misc 
Category: Seismometer 
Subject: More on the seismometer frame 

Could you elaborate on the plan for how the aluminum fits around the top? We'll need the entire frame, including the top bar, enclosed.


Yesterday afternoon I finished building the seismometer frame by adding the cross bar across the top face. Picture below is the frame as of yesterday afternoon (25 June):

This morning Ignacio and I went with Steve to the machine shop and cut the aluminum siding panels to the correct size. Sheets were cut for the top and bottom faces as well; the sheet for the top will be modified to fit around the cross bar. Picture below is one of the aluminum sheets next to the frame:

The next steps will be measuring where thru holes can be drilled for the M8 attachment screws, and testing the die cuts (to punch holes for electronics wires) on scrap aluminum.


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