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Message ID: 191     Entry time: Wed Jul 22 20:36:37 2009
Author: Aidan, Connor 
Type: Laser 
Category: Fiber 
Subject: Aligned beam into fiber ... mode-matching needs a little work 

Connor and I got the beam aligned into the fiber today. After a little optimization of the fiber coupled XYZ I'd estimate we were getting maybe 10-15% transmission. I'm pretty sure we can improve this with some work. We caculated the input mode (which I will reproduce elsewhere) but it's looking for a mode size of approximately 6.6 microns diameter. With a 10X microscope objective (f = 16.5mm) we want the intput beam to the coupler to be around 3.4mm diameter - which we have.

We mounted the AOM and inserted it into the setup. We should be able to get an 80MHz frequency shifted beam through the fiber tomorrow measure the fiber noise. That same setup can be used in a PLL to suppress the fiber noise.


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