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Entry  Wed Jul 15 14:40:44 2009, Michelle, Laser, , NPRO ... fixed? 
    Reply  Wed Jul 15 22:13:09 2009, rana, Laser, General, Gyro NPRO 
Message ID: 176     Entry time: Wed Jul 15 22:13:09 2009     In reply to: 174
Author: rana 
Type: Laser 
Category: General 
Subject: Gyro NPRO 
I just came down and got the same behavior. With the diode current cranked up all the way, the output power was 700 mW.
This is good, since this is supposed to be a 700 mW NPRO.

I recommend that we pick a diode current (whatever we get with ADJ = 0) and stick with it. Use a PBS for changing the power and not the diode current.

In order to actually run the NPRO for extended periods of time we need a heatsink mounted on its side. Otherwise these things get too hot and the TEC for the diode can't keep up. I'll ping Peter King for one, but if he doesn't have one we'll just buy one from a catalog.

The lab temperature also seemed warm, like Michelle noted. The AC controller had the right setting so I think its that the valve in the overhead ducting has gone bad again. It failed twice in the first couple weeks that the lab was opened. I have replaced the battery in the digital temperature sensor and put it on the gyro table. After I lowered the temp. setpoint on the wall by a couple degrees it came down to 72 F. I also re-activated the circular paper temp. recorder and put it on the First Aid kit. Its in 24-hour mode so we can get a trend.

I will call up PMA and tell them we need a temperature consult again.

Also, the lab is not your personal trash receptacle. Please don't store empty cardboard boxes or drinks in there. Put tools back where they go when you're done and don't leave a pile of booties and hats laying on the floor.
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