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Message ID: 168     Entry time: Thu Jul 9 13:29:08 2009
Author: Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: More from Alex on frame builder disk being full 

 Hey Alex,

I've got a couple of questions (just for my own understanding).

- I thought the frames were supposed to overwrite old data. Why then  
did the disk appear full? And is it likely to appear full in future?  
If so how do we deal with it?

I reduced the total number of data directories from 120 to 60. I think the
frame size has increased and  so the disk filled up. daqd program, the
version you have there, erases old frames based on total number of
directories, it doesn't look at the disk full percentage. I have a new
version which doesn't do that, so we may want to install that new version
at some point, especially when you guys decide to upgrade to the latest
real-time code generator software. The new version of daqd/nds is not
erasing anything but simply relies on a cron job to erase old files.

- why did you reduce the number of directories in /frame/full to 60?

Thanks for your help,

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