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Message ID: 153     Entry time: Mon Jul 6 15:31:07 2009
Author: Aidan, Alastair 
Type: Misc 
Category: General 
Subject: Equipment moved from 58C 

The following equipment was from 58C (old mesa beam lab) into 58D during the clean out of the former lab.

2x SR560s ([Ligo Project Property (LPP) C20862, Caltech 44961], [LPP: n/a, Caltech 44782])

2x Phillips PM 5193 programmable function generators (0.1 - 50MHz): ([LPP: n/a, Caltech 9313], [LPP: C20365, Caltech: 1348])

1x SRS DS345 function generator (<30MHz): (no tag - serial # 36560)

1x Tektronix AFG3102: (no tag - serial# AFG3102 C020795)

1x HP 8656B signal generator 1-990MHz: (LPP: n/a, Caltech 23616)

These have all been labelled "John Miller Lab" to indicate where they came from. (None of the equipment was plugged in)

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