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Message ID: 152     Entry time: Sat Jul 4 12:42:06 2009
Author: Aidan  
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: DAq Map screen complete - just need to work out how to generate it automatically now 

I've finalized the DAQ_MAP screen. All the current channels are accounted for. I've added some standard LIGO medm screen paraphenalia, such as the information button and the title bar.

I'd like to incorporate this into the build of a front end so that this screen is generated automatically. I'm a bit stumped as to how to get the LOST/SAVED indicators to work automatically. Maybe we can write something that will run in the startup of fb0.

A couple of extra notes:

1. The names of the channels in the frame builder do not exactly match the names in EPICS. This makes it impossible to drag and drop channel names into data viewer. Example:

C2:ATF-QPD1_SEG1 is the  channel defined in Simulink. C2:ATF-QPD1_SEG1_INMON is the channel as it appears in EPICS and C2:ATF-QPD1_SEG1_IN1_32768 is the channel as it appears in the frame builder. Can we add a channel in the frame builder that has the same name as the corresponding EPICS channel?

2. There seems to be a problem with CH32. It's working, in the sense that the channel exists, but when I plug the signal generator into the corresponding BNC connector on the DAQ I don't see any response on EPICS. Need to triple check that I haven't done made a typo anywhere.

Attachment 1: C2ATF_DAQ_MAP_v1.11.png  61 kB  Uploaded Sat Jul 4 13:44:03 2009  | Hide | Hide all
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