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Entry  Fri Jul 3 19:49:30 2009, Aidan, Computing, DAQ, DAQ Map medm screen - Connectors and Channel names C2ATF_DAQ_MAP.png
    Reply  Fri Jul 3 21:26:13 2009, Aidan, Computing, DAQ, DAQ Map medm screen - added channel frame acquisition status C2ATF_DAQ_MAP_v1.1.png
Message ID: 151     Entry time: Fri Jul 3 21:26:13 2009     In reply to: 150
Author: Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: DAQ Map medm screen - added channel frame acquisition status 


I've created an medm screen that displays the current data channels associated with each of the connectors on the front of the DAQ. Basically its supposed to make it really easy to figure out what each channel in the DAQ physically corresponds to. I've added a link (DAQ MAP button) to it on the main medm screen

Eventually this should be automatically generated every time we rebuild the front end. I'd also like to include an indication on there of the units of each channel and whether they are in the frame or not.

medm screen: /cvs/cds/caltech/medm/c2/atf/C2ATF_DAQ_MAP.adl

Please do not edit this screen in the medm editor. I've added some comments to the file and moved the definition of each of the channels to the end of the file. The comments get erased when the screen is edited and the channel definitions get moved back to different places in the file.



I've added some indicators to the DAQ_MAP medm that show whether channels are saved to frame ("SAVED") or not ("LOST"). I'll have to add a routine to the frame builder start up so that these are updated whenever the frame builder is rebooted.

Attachment 1: C2ATF_DAQ_MAP_v1.1.png  51 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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