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Message ID: 149     Entry time: Thu Jul 2 21:40:57 2009
Author: Aidan, Connor 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: Frame builder shenanigans 

There appears to be something screwy going on with the frame builder - have some things been compiled and others not? Either that or I don't understand the system well enough.

We plugged a signal generator output a 0.1Hz sine wave into CH9 of the DAQ. This showed up in Alastair's medm Gyro screen (C2ATF_GENCONT.adl) in channel C2:ATF-GENERIC_GEN1_INMON. When we want this written to the frame, however, I have to uncomment the channel C2:ATF-CTRL_SIG_1_IN1_32678 in /cvs/cds/caltech/chans/daq/C2ATF.ini. This channel shows up in Dataviewer and the 0.1Hz signal is clearly visible.

I suspect that things have been only partially compiled recently and we need a clean rebuild of the front end and daq and frame builder. Anyway, we can get signals at the moment so we're actually going to do something useful, like characterize the intensity noise of the NPRO.



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