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Entry  Wed Jul 1 15:34:26 2009, Connor Mooney, Misc, Fiber, Weekly Report 
    Reply  Wed Jul 1 16:37:33 2009, Connor Mooney, Misc, Fiber, Weekly Report 
       Reply  Thu Jul 2 15:37:57 2009, Aidan, Misc, Fiber, Weekly Report - query on previous reply 
Message ID: 148     Entry time: Thu Jul 2 15:37:57 2009     In reply to: 146
Author: Aidan 
Type: Misc 
Category: Fiber 
Subject: Weekly Report - query on previous reply 


Most of this week was spent on three tasks: characterizing the beam divergence of the NPRO Laser and fitting a curve to the data, the progress report, and contending with serious computer problems. The information on the beam divergence can be accessed in a previous log. The waist size is around 120 micrometers, and according to a least-squares fit, it is located 21cm behind the aperture. My understanding of the fiber suppression setup and its relationship to the second-harmonic generation system was strengthened, but nowhere near completed, in the process of writing the progress report. We plan to send the NPRO beam through an AOM driven at f1, then double-pass it through a 50m fiber (not to be bent at a 90 degree angle as drawn in the meeting today) and another AOM driven at f2. This signal will be interferometrically mixed with the original beam from the NPRO, producing beats at 2(f2-f1), then run through a multiplying mixer driven at 2(f1-f2) and a low-pass filter so the final signal consists mostly of the noise acquired when travelling through the fiber. A computer characterizes this noise, and sends a signal to the first AOM which actuates on the original beam so as to suppress the noise. ********************NOTE: Aidan plans on changing the setup slightly, and I'll give the details on that in the next report************************* Finally, my computer acquired a terrible virus yesterday morning when I clicked on an innocuous-looking facebook message that was sent to my email and titled "hi." All of yesterday and the first part of today was spent rebuilding the computer. Don't trust facebook. I now have a centos operating system, so I'll be learning to use Linux fast (hopefully).



Who was the author of the previous entry? It wasn't Connor apparently.

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