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Entry  Sat May 23 17:22:58 2009, Aidan, Laser, Fiber, FS expt is blocked out 
    Reply  Sat May 23 17:39:46 2009, Aidan, Laser, Fiber, FS expt is blocked out 
Message ID: 137     Entry time: Sat May 23 17:39:46 2009     In reply to: 136
Author: Aidan 
Type: Laser 
Category: Fiber 
Subject: FS expt is blocked out 



I have blocked out the FS experiment. The following stuff is not installed:

1. Partial reflector (PR1-1064-95-IF-1037)

2. A QWP

3. A second AOM at 80MHz

According to Techmart, I ordered the Partial Reflector and QWP back in January, however, I remember that CVI had contacted me about a couple of longer lead time items - can't quite remember what they were. Will check the delivery notes.



 I checked my files and could find no record of the delivery of the QWP and the partial reflector from CVI. The purchase orders were PO S064180 and PO S064169, respectively.


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