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Message ID: 1352     Entry time: Sun Mar 13 15:47:47 2011
Author: Alastair 
Type: Laser 
Category: GYRO 
Subject: Some parts we made... 

 I've finally got round to taking the photos off my camera, so here are some of the new parts made for the gyro. 

Stainless steel mounts replace the old brass ones for the in-vacuum optics.  They needed to be shorter anyway, since they are sitting on the flange inside the vacuum, so we took the opportunity to try to increase their stiffness.  I'd have liked to get another dogclamp on them in the vacuum, but as you can see the space was limited.  All the in-vacuum mirrors are now mounted in SL mounts.

I've added a picture of the new diodes on their bases.  These have brass bases, again with the dogclamp and 3 foot design. There is a black plastic spacer in there too to give electrical isolation from the bench.  At this point we hadn't fitted the aluminum heatsink/clamp for the PD.

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