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Message ID: 1320     Entry time: Wed Feb 23 01:22:09 2011
Author: Zach 
Type: Laser 
Category: GYRO 
Subject: PD boxes in! 

[Alastair, Zach]

The PD boxes arrived today, and with the exception of a few minor issues they look great!! Here are a few shots. Here one box is shown assembled and mounted to the brass base and insulator that Alastair designed. The dimensions for these were chosen so that the PD is at 4" from the table.



The issues were/are as follows:

  • The only unforeseen issue was that I forgot to countersink the screw holes in the thick bottom panel of the box so that it could sit flush with the insulating layer. We used a drill press to do this and as you can see it worked just fine.
  • The front panel will have a small recess milled out where the PD goes so that the diode case can have a good thermal contact with the un-anodized aluminum. The three tapped holes (4-40) around the PD are there so that we can fashion a copper washer-like plate that will be screwed in from the front to hold the diode in place. The depth of the recess will be a tiny bit less than the thickness of the diode case rim so that the copper plate will hold the PD snugly against the front panel, and the plate will be thick enough that it protects the bare diode from accidental brushing.
  • We are ordering/locating 1/8" standoffs for the board mounting as well as some sort of thermally-but-not-electrically conducting spacer for mounting the negative voltage regulators to the top panel for heat sinking (while the positive regulators have GND on their metal tabs, the negative ones have INPUT---as stupid as that seems).

Also, drool.

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