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Entry  Fri May 15 14:13:18 2009, Dmass, Laser, Doubling, SHG Ovens shgoven.png
    Reply  Fri May 15 17:41:43 2009, Dmass, Laser, Doubling, SHG Ovens SmallFirstlight.png
Message ID: 131     Entry time: Fri May 15 17:41:43 2009     In reply to: 129
Author: Dmass 
Type: Laser 
Category: Doubling 
Subject: SHG Ovens 


They're here, hot, and ...stable?

 They also make green.

I succeeded in getting some number of microwatts (very very dim with the lights out - so much dimmer than commercial laser pointers) of green having locked the PMC. I changed the table layout a lot today, I will post a full entry on that later. More information to follow.

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