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Entry  Thu Feb 3 19:49:52 2011, rana, Computing, CDS, FB work ongoing 
    Reply  Thu Feb 3 22:24:21 2011, Frank, Computing, CDS, FB work ongoing 
Message ID: 1282     Entry time: Thu Feb 3 22:24:21 2011     In reply to: 1281
Author: Frank 
Type: Computing 
Category: CDS 
Subject: FB work ongoing 

SDC and SDD are both brand new disks, less than a year old!


The local disk on FB was full because there was ~200 GB of core files in the root directory. This was breaking everything.

I have now started fixing the start_daqd.inittab so that it can run as controls as in the 40m. Please don't allow Frank to change the shell back to bash no matter how much he cries.

All computers will be using tcsh from now on.

When I rebooted FB it complained about some disk problem and started a check on sdd1. We should punish whoever scrounged up these old unreliable disks and purchase a few new and good ones. Then we can just install something reasonable and remove the cardboard box of old hard drive junk from the lab forever.

Along the way, the FE was running, but the DAQD process complained about not being able to connect to the AWGTPMAN. Let's see how the reboot helps and if the disk will recover or not.


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