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Entry  Wed Feb 2 20:36:52 2011, Zach, Electronics, GYRO, PD stuffed pd_stuffed.png
    Reply  Thu Feb 3 19:40:24 2011, Zach, Electronics, GYRO, PD stuffed 
Message ID: 1279     Entry time: Wed Feb 2 20:36:52 2011     Reply to this: 1280
Author: Zach 
Type: Electronics 
Category: GYRO 
Subject: PD stuffed 

 I finished stuffing the first RFPD board today, so that we can begin with the testing. Unfortunately, it seems to have failed its first test, as something shorted when I powered it up. Rich and I traced it back to one of the 15 V regulators, and we are going to use that as a starting place tomorrow.

There was nothing obviously wrong with the board as checked by measuring resistances between terminals that should not be shorted (and vice versa), so we hope that there was just a bad regulator.

Besides that, the board looks sweet!


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