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Message ID: 1267     Entry time: Tue Jan 25 15:34:05 2011
Author: Alastair 
Type: Laser 
Category: GYRO 
Subject: Chasing up orders/machine shop 

 I'm afraid it's bad news on the flanges.  Still no sign of them getting finished.  I'll go back in tomorrow and if we can't get a sensible amount of action then we'll take them back and pass them to Mike Gerfin.

I also followed up our PD boards.  I put through an order using Techmart that was sent out on the 19th Jan according to the Techmart system.  When I called the company the only information they could find was the quote that I generated online for our board, and there was nothing that came in for Caltech on the 19th, or that matched the description of our order.  My main concern was to make sure they had received the correct files for the PCB, but it seems they didn't even receive the order at all.  I'm going over to find Gina to see if I can sort this out.  Luckily the PCB process is fast.  I may just need to find someone with a p-card to order this.

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