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Message ID: 1246     Entry time: Tue Jan 18 19:32:05 2011
Author: Alastair 
Type: Laser 
Category: GYRO 
Subject: Vacuum flanges 

 I got one of the four vacuum flanges back from the shop today.  They've done a good job on it, but it is taking a very long time.  Hopefully now they know how to tap them the speed will increase.  It is so difficult to get a delivery date out of them, and even when I've forced them to give me a date previously they haven't delivered on it.

I took the flange over to Bob's place to start cleaning it.  Daphen has offered to do it, and we should have it back tomorrow.  We can make this the corner that has the gauges, valve and pump on it (ie the more complex corner) so we can get started putting this stuff together.

We're also getting silvered 1/4-20 bolts that have vent holes, to attach the parts inside the tanks since the bases are steel.

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