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Message ID: 124     Entry time: Tue May 5 16:36:40 2009
Author: Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Realtime code generation (RCG) troubleshooting 

Useful things to try when making Simulink models with RCG

1. When making a new model foo.mdl use the following text
make uninstall-daq-foo
make clean-foo foo install-foo
make install-daq-foo
make install-screens-foo

2. start the MEDM screen C2FOO_GDS_TP.adl

2. A. kill whatever is running:
e.g. on oms > killoms
       > killatf

2. B.  find the .ini (C2FOO.ini) and edit it so that at least one channel is acquiring - do this whenever an install or reinstall are run.
2. C. manually edit the master file in fb0 to point to C2FOO.ini
2. D. start foo on oms > startfoo

see if things start to light up on the MEDM screen C2FOO_GDS_TP.adl

check if the front end is running
  - should see 'foofe' and 'gm' running

look at the log file in /cvs/cds/caltech/target/c2foo
 - log.txt - will either be a couple of lines with an error message or a lot of stuff that looks like things are working:

3. go to /etc/rc.local and add foo to file. file is read-only so use 'sudo vi rc.local'
e.g. /etc/setup_shmem.rtl ipc sas test oms atf afb afc foo&

update shared library index (see Tobin's entry)
   > /sbin/ldconfig

4. try a restart of oms
   > sudo reboot

try 'startfoo' again - hopefully at this stage parts of the MEDM screen should start lighting up

5. if still problems (parts of GDS MEDM screen are still white), try to reboot fb0
   > telnet fb0 8087
      > shutdown

try to start again
   > killfoo
   > startfoo

6. check last line of log file /cvs/cds/caltech/target/c2foo/log.txt -
might require BURT restore

go to C2FOO_GDS_TP.adl MEDM screen and set BURT restore value to 1

should be okay now ...

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