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Entry  Wed Jan 5 14:45:53 2011, Koji, Laser, MOPA, Chiller is crying 
    Reply  Wed Jan 5 15:37:18 2011, Frank, Laser, MOPA, Chiller is crying 
       Reply  Wed Jan 5 21:20:01 2011, Zach, Laser, MOPA, Chiller is crying 
Message ID: 1234     Entry time: Wed Jan 5 21:20:01 2011     In reply to: 1233
Author: Zach 
Type: Laser 
Category: MOPA 
Subject: Chiller is crying 



simply press OK a couple of times. The warning means "check the DI cartridge". The chiller does not measure the resistivity of the water so an internal timer reminds the user every 1000h or so to "check" the water quality. The user can't disable this feature so we have to press the button once a month or so. We don't care how high the resistivity is.


The water chiller at ATF is crying with error "Di (or D1)". What should we do? ==> Frank

The water level seems to be higher than the minimum.

It also shows temp of 19.5Cdeg.



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