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Message ID: 1215     Entry time: Wed Dec 15 01:20:03 2010
Author: Frank 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: cron-job added on fb1 for wiper script to delete old frame files 

added an hourly cron-job on fb1 which runs the wiper perl-script to delete old frame files.
Script is the wiper.pl in /target/fb1 directory.

Here the latest status:

Wed Dec 15 01:15:18 PST 2010

Directory disk usage:
/frames/trend/minute_raw 4850240k
/frames/trend/second 115772408k
/frames/full 52519332k
Combined 173141980k or 169083m or 165Gb

/frames size 241263968k at 71.76%
/frames is below keep value of 98.00%
Will not delete any files
df reported usage 71.84%

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