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Entry  Fri Dec 10 10:46:11 2010, Zach, Computing, DAQ, busted again! 
    Reply  Fri Dec 10 11:21:14 2010, Alastair, Computing, DAQ, busted again! 
       Reply  Fri Dec 10 11:44:05 2010, Alastair, Computing, DAQ, busted again! 
Message ID: 1206     Entry time: Fri Dec 10 11:21:14 2010     In reply to: 1204     Reply to this: 1207
Author: Alastair 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: busted again! 


 The DAQ is doing the same thing it was doing a little over a week ago. Namely, it seems to reset itself or otherwise get flustered every minute or so, rendering any useful data requests futile. Let me remind everyone what happened last time:

  1. Found the problem, tried to fix it using DAQ Reload, etc.
  2. Thought that the DAQ Rate might have been the issue, so I opened daqconfig and removed some channels
  3. Restarted daqd
  4. daqd didn't seem to stay alive---problem
  5. Got Frank
  6. Frank observed the issue and saw that I wasn't just drooling on fb0
  7. Rebooted fb0
  8. fb0 complained about something on boot and forced a disk check
  9. A day passed
  10. Followed some instructions for removing the problem (mainly "yes, yes, yes, yes")
  11. I mistakenly allowed it to reboot again without changing some manual settings that I needed to have
  12. fb0 complained about something on boot and forced a disk check
  13. A day passed
  14. Frank did some magic in the recovery menu and then reboots fb0
  15. Everything worked for a week and a half or so
  16. Step 1

I'm not sure if Frank got an intuitive grasp on what was wrong last time, but it appears to be the same issue. I imagine that going through this list (perhaps with some omissions) will fix the problem again, but that will take a day or so and it may only last a few days after. Suggestions?

 The realtime stuff all seems to be working fine, it's just the frames that aren't getting written.  Running dataviewer on FB1 I can get realtime data for our channels.  If I try to get data from the past you get:

Connecting to NDS Server fb0 (TCP port 8088)
Connecting.... done
T0=10-12-10-19-19-05; Length=60 (s)
No data found

Also, the installation of dataviewer on WS2 doesn't seem to work - does anyone know about this?  Last thing I knew was that it wasn't installed at all on WS2.  It opens fine, but when you try to get data it comes up with "incomplete installation" in the terminal window.

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