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Message ID: 1185     Entry time: Wed Dec 1 02:01:34 2010
Author: Frank 
Type: Computing 
Category: Pulser 
Subject: Camera problems on IBM computer 

spent hours now to figure out why the camera image taken contains only black data when using my program and example programs but working fine with the camera manager utility and everything working fine on two other computers.No error occurs, nothing, just no data.

But now i got it !: the pixel-clock is too high for that computer and is higher by default than using the camera manager software which obviously must reduce the pixel-clock when getting started. After debugging the shit i started adding all options and playing with it, like frame rate etc - nothing helped. But reducing the pixel-clock from 25MHz to 10MHz and suddenly real data is available from the data . So probably the USB or the computer is too slow (it's USB2.0, the camera complains about being connected to something slower). That's my only explanation.

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