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Message ID: 1176     Entry time: Wed Nov 24 23:57:13 2010
Author: Frank 
Type: Misc 
Category: Pulser 
Subject: improved setup finished 

Added another channel using a small transistor to turn the red laser on and off.  Will keep the shutter open when taking pictures even the 1064nm light causes some strange pattern on the diode chip. Should be OK as we are only interested in changes of whatever initial pattern we get. Turning off the 1064nm light would require to close the shutter every time i take a picture. So far i'm planning on taking a picture after every pulse, which would mean 50k-100k of shutter cycles per pulse energy setting. That's way beyond the expected lifetime of the shutter.

I've also added a cylindrical lens to compensate for the large elliptical beam coming from the large angle at which i hit the surface if the diode. No i have a round spot illuminating the active area.

Will do some first measurements with the new setup over the holiday/weekend.

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