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Message ID: 1175     Entry time: Tue Nov 23 23:36:12 2010
Author: Frank 
Type: Misc 
Category: Pulser 
Subject: added digital camera readout 

added the readout for the USB CMOS camera watching the scatter from the photodiode surface.

Right now i think i will take a picture after every single pulse even if the amount of data will be very high.
Pictures will be individually saved in a slightly compressed JPEG to not delete much of the valuable information about the changing surface.

If i don't safe them i can't really handle the amount of data (1.3MB per picture, usually 1000 pulses per cycle, so far about 50 cycles, so 65GB of data).
Each picture will also be a frame of a movie. So there will be a movie and hundreds/thousands of individual pictures per cycle.

The photodiode is illuminated by the extra red laser diode. Everything is working so far except that i have to add another switch to turn the red laser on/off before/after pulsing cycle (where i'm taking the pictures) to do all the other measurements.

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