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Entry  Fri Nov 19 20:09:57 2010, Zach, Laser, GYRO, realignment, etc 
    Reply  Sat Nov 20 15:02:05 2010, rana, Laser, GYRO, realignment, etc 
       Reply  Sun Nov 21 16:24:06 2010, Zach, Laser, GYRO, realignment, etc EOM_TF.pngEOM_sweep_setup.png
Message ID: 1172     Entry time: Sat Nov 20 15:02:05 2010     In reply to: 1171     Reply to this: 1173
Author: rana 
Type: Laser 
Category: GYRO 
Subject: realignment, etc 

Remember that you still have to check the crystal for resonances. Sweep the EOM and look at the CCW PD with the cavity blocked internally. The mechanical Q of the crystal can be ~1000s, so it needs to be a fairly fine sweep.

If there are resonances close to the 33 MHz, you'll have to tune it off a little bit. And where's the sketch for the Pomona matching circuit?


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