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Entry  Thu Apr 9 11:26:21 2009, alastair, Computing, DAQ, DAC now working 
    Reply  Fri Apr 17 20:04:17 2009, dmass, Computing, DAQ, ADC no longer working! 
       Reply  Mon Apr 20 18:03:44 2009, dmass, Computing, DAQ, ADC no longer working! 
Message ID: 117     Entry time: Mon Apr 20 18:03:44 2009     In reply to: 113
Author: dmass 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: ADC no longer working! 

This all started when I did a cvs update. I have forwarded my concerns, trials, and tribulations to the russian.



I was trying to get the ATF.mdl or OMS.mdl system back up and running, but neither could see fb0.

I telneted in with

>telnet fb0 8087

daqd> shutdown

to reboot fb0. It didn't fix the problem.

I also rebooted oms.


I discovered in the course of this that the oms.mdl file was overwritten with Alastair's model. I (saved and) replaced it with an old copy of the oms.mdl file from ws1, and did

make oms

make install-oms

make install-daq-oms

make install-screens-oms


but was no longer able to get a connection to fb0.


I then reinstalled Alastair's model, since it was the last thing I saw communicate with the fb succesfully. I am unsure what I am forgetting, possibly some command I need to run on oms after rebooting it. I was unable to get Alastair's model back up and talking to the framebuilder and I have thus left the DAQ slightly more broken than I found it.


The output from the DAQ is now working, and the timing etc looks sensible, though still at 64khz.  I've only tested the four outputs I've setup in my model, but they all work when I use the output matrix to patch the signal to them.




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