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Entry  Fri Nov 12 17:56:48 2010, Zach, Electronics, GYRO, channels acquired 
    Reply  Fri Nov 12 23:12:18 2010, Alastair, Electronics, GYRO, channels acquired 
       Reply  Sat Nov 13 11:37:03 2010, Zach, Electronics, GYRO, channels acquired 
Message ID: 1168     Entry time: Sat Nov 13 11:37:03 2010     In reply to: 1167
Author: Zach 
Type: Electronics 
Category: GYRO 
Subject: channels acquired 

That's just a measure of the total rate at which data is getting acquired. I'm not sure of the units, but for comparison, we were above 1000 before we reconfigured everything (including the channels that Dmass was using).

Come to think of it, "LASER_PZ_ACT_EXC" is not really the channel we want for transfer functions (at least not of the fast loop) because this excitation will go to the temperature control. I have connected the gyro TEST out #1 to the PZT SWEEP input of the primary PDH box, so this is the channel that we should use. I will switch them.



I acquired the necessary channels for the gyro. They are:

  • AOM_ACT_OUT (32k)
  • LASER_PZ_ACT_IN1 (32k) - CCW fast feedback
  • LASER_PZ_ACT_OUT (256) - CCW slow feedback
  • CW_ERR_OUT (32k)
  • CCW_ERR_OUT (32k)
  • DC_TRANS_OUT (256)
  • LASER_PZ_ACT_EXC (32k) - excitation channel for TFs

We will need to add the TEST input and output channels as we need them, as well as the REFL DCs when that information is available.

Current DAQ rate = 919

 What does this DAQ rate=919 thing mean?  Is it not running at 32k?


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