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Message ID: 1162     Entry time: Thu Nov 11 01:37:35 2010
Author: Frank 
Type: Misc 
Category: Pulser 
Subject: diode blasting setup changed - added CCD camera 

added a ccd camera and a macro lens to monitor changes in surface scatter. I'm using a 670nm diode laser module for illumination.
Due to the added ccd camera i had to change the way i make the whole setup dark in order to be able to measure the dark current and dark noise.
Using a black trash bin to cover the entire setup. Drilled and tapped a 1" hole in on side where i attached the beam tubes which connect to the shutter.
Have to work on the cable feedthroughs and replace the netbook with the IBM notebook. Installed all software today but didn't have time to test it.

Here first pictures of the new setup: red: diagnostic beam, blue: 1064nm beam.
Everything has to fit between the area between the black baseplates on the table (top, left & right of the picture) minus ~0.5" for the trash bin.


covered setup with shutter attached to the right. Trash bin has adhesive-backed foam on bottom (window insulation) as cushion to seal against the table


first sample picture taken from monitor showing scattered light from diode active area taken in the dark with some additional white led light to see the diode structure


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