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Entry  Tue Nov 2 19:22:56 2010, Alastair, Computing, Computing, DAQ Screenshot.png
    Reply  Wed Nov 3 19:00:45 2010, Alastair, Computing, Computing, DAQ Screenshot.png
Message ID: 1133     Entry time: Wed Nov 3 19:00:45 2010     In reply to: 1125
Author: Alastair 
Type: Computing 
Category: Computing 
Subject: DAQ 


I've rebuilt the C2ATF front-end and renamed all the channels for the gyro as well as changing the topology.  I started a list of channels on the wiki here.

I have made one new medm screen for us to use to start with.  It is called C2ATF_GYROMAIN.adl  (see screenshot below).

Most of the channels now just come in and go to a filter so that we can aquire them.  The laser piezo actuation signal does go back out again through channel 9 so we can act on the slow feedback.  I have added 4 general channels that come in and go back out, just in case there are things we wish to do that I haven't thought of yet.


The front-end is running happily for the moment.


I've made a second MEDM screen for the gyro.  It is more of an indicator screen showing which signals we are aquiring from which part of the gyro.  It has a few charts that we can modify as we think of things that we want displayed (it shows just photodiode DC values and actuation signals at the moment).

I added a matrix to the TEST channels and incorporated that into the C2ATF_GYROMAIN.adl

I've spent a while routing cables.  We now have all the correct channels attached to the ADC and I've labelled them at the gyro end.  I ordered a couple more patch bays so that each bench can have two.  Frank is going to pass on the info for the BNC cables that are used to connect the patch bays - they were custom lengths and he has the original quote.  We'll buy enough new ones that we can route 2*16 channels for both benches.

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