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Entry  Tue Nov 2 19:22:56 2010, Alastair, Computing, Computing, DAQ Screenshot.png
    Reply  Wed Nov 3 19:00:45 2010, Alastair, Computing, Computing, DAQ Screenshot.png
Message ID: 1125     Entry time: Tue Nov 2 19:22:56 2010     Reply to this: 1133
Author: Alastair 
Type: Computing 
Category: Computing 
Subject: DAQ 

I've rebuilt the C2ATF front-end and renamed all the channels for the gyro as well as changing the topology.  I started a list of channels on the wiki here.

I have made one new medm screen for us to use to start with.  It is called C2ATF_GYROMAIN.adl  (see screenshot below).

Most of the channels now just come in and go to a filter so that we can aquire them.  The laser piezo actuation signal does go back out again through channel 9 so we can act on the slow feedback.  I have added 4 general channels that come in and go back out, just in case there are things we wish to do that I haven't thought of yet.

The front-end is running happily for the moment.

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