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Message ID: 1111     Entry time: Fri Oct 22 10:56:51 2010
Author: Rana & Alastair 
Type: Computing 
Category: Computing 
Subject: front-end now working 

The front-end code is working again now on FB0.  Many of the folders were owned by root because of some previous badly written documentation - these have all now been chown'ed into submission.  The main lesson learned is: DON'T EVER MAKE THE MODEL AS ROOT!

We now have a really simple route to re-making the model when we have any changes.  This is documented on the ATF Wiki here. Please don't deviate from this process ever.

Dataviewer now works on WS2 (though doesn't work from mainmenu because it doesn't start up grace).  The gyro MEDM screens aren't working right now because I changed some of the parts names in the model.  I also plan on hijacking a few more channels for the gyro before remaking the model again.  There is still an issue with the user accounts on FB0 which needs fixed at some point in the future.

Most importantly we now have a Rana approved color scheme for the terminal shell on WS2.

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