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Message ID: 1106     Entry time: Fri Oct 8 19:59:00 2010
Author: Alastair 
Type: Misc 
Category: GYRO 
Subject: Seimometer set up on top of bench / SR560 borrowed from DAQ input channel 13 GYRO 


Borrowed SR560 info

I've borrowed back one of the SR560s.  It was being used between patch channel B5 and channel 13 on the DAQ.  In the MEDM screen channel 13 is writing to GENERIC_DOF5, so that channel will not be doing anything useful just now.  The settings on the SR560 were as follows:

DC coupled

Filter: DC

Input: B

Gain: 2000

Low Noise, Line power

I unplugged it from the setup at 7.28pm on Oct 8th.



The seismometer is now set up on top of the optics bench.  I notice that at some point (presumably when the SR560 was borrowed?) the power to the seismometer was disconnected.  It's back on now and all three channels are going through their own SR560, set to AC coupled, DC filter, A-B differential input, Gain 200 and Low Noise, Line power.  Measurement began at 7.50pm 8th Oct.  We'll take ~ a week of seismic measurement on the bench and then pass the Guralp back to the 40m.


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