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Message ID: 110     Entry time: Thu Apr 9 09:52:54 2009
Author: alastair 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: DAQ up and running 

Thanks to the help of all the people I've been hassling about this, the DAQ system is up and running.

I'll try to put together more of an 'idiot's guide to the RCG' at some point in future to supplement the information in the manual.  In the mean time for those that are interested in what's running, we have a model that looks something like the attached images (OMS.mdl which can be found in /cvs/cds/advLigo/src/epics/simLink/)

The model has four inputs from the ADC (the ADC is the lower BNC connector unit in the rack, labelled 'BNC anti-alias chassis'), followed by input filters on each channel.  These then go to an input matrix.  The ouput also has a filter on each channel followed by an output matrix.  The signals then go to the DAC.

I've tested the input with a siggen, and we can see realtime stuff in dataviewer, and frequency domain in DTT.  This is all working now.  It's running at 64khz at the moment and we'll be altering this down to 32 at some point soon.

I have also built some filters in foton, and after some fiddling with the settings they're running at the correct frequency.

Next up I want to make sure I can get a sensible signal back out of the DAC and then do some noise measurements on the input and output of the system.

Attachment 1: model1.png  13 kB  Uploaded Thu Apr 9 10:53:06 2009  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: model2.png  13 kB  Uploaded Thu Apr 9 10:53:14 2009  | Hide | Hide all
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