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Message ID: 1090     Entry time: Thu Sep 30 00:25:31 2010
Author: Zach 
Type: Electronics 
Category: GYRO 
Subject: VCO deviation measurements 

  Since we rely on our quoted VCO deviation figures of xx kHz/V for the gyro signal calibration, I thought it was a good idea to measure them. I used a calibrator to apply a known voltage to the external modulation input of the VCO and then tracked the peak on the RF analyzer. Attached are the following measurements

  • Tektronix with fc = 47.5 MHz and a nominal deviation of 100 kHz/V
  • Marconi with the same as above
  • Marconi with fc = 95 MHz and a nominal deviation of 375 kHz/V

The first two are in the configuration we use for the driving of the AOM, while the third is what we use for the PLL. I didn't bother doing the Tektronix in the PLL configuration because we will never use it for this. Somewhat surprisingly, the Tektronix is true to its stated value, while the Marconi is a bit under what it quotes. Luckily, they are both linear.




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