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Message ID: 1069     Entry time: Mon Sep 20 14:07:37 2010
Author: rana 
Type: Computing 
Category: Computing 
Subject: WS1: video settings fixed to have dual head Xinerama 

I got the dual head stuff working in the following way:

- downloaded the GeForce 7600 GT drivers for 32-bit Linux from the NVidia website.

- drop into runlevel 3 as root and run the install program from there (after giving it the chmod +x).

- CentOS' native display config program chokes and screws up the xorg.conf. Ignore this and let it pick some cheesy default setting.

- Once logged in in cheesy settings, run 'nvidia-xonfig' to get nvidia driver running. Use the GUI to activate monitor 2. Logout and log back in.

- Run 'nvidia-settings' to set up the dual head appropriately and hit the radio button for Xinerama. Log out and log back in.

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