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Entry  Fri Sep 10 16:33:38 2010, Frank, Computing, General, arp scan for ATF lab to update network diagram 
    Reply  Sat Sep 11 03:22:22 2010, rana, Computing, General, arp scan for ATF lab to update network diagram 
Message ID: 1044     Entry time: Fri Sep 10 16:33:38 2010     Reply to this: 1049
Author: Frank 
Type: Computing 
Category: General 
Subject: arp scan for ATF lab to update network diagram 

Starting arp-scan 1.7 with 256 hosts (http://www.nta-monitor.com/tools/arp-scan/)        00:18:f8:fb:8c:04       Cisco-Linksys LLC        00:1e:e5:51:b5:95       Cisco-Linksys, LLC        00:22:57:fc:0c:59       3Com Europe Ltd        00:14:d1:a8:d8:67       TRENDware International, Inc.        00:14:d1:a8:d8:71       TRENDware International, Inc.        00:14:d1:a8:d8:6a       TRENDware International, Inc.        00:14:d1:a8:d8:68       TRENDware International, Inc.        00:14:d1:a8:d8:63       TRENDware International, Inc.       00:a0:d1:e2:f1:9a       INVENTEC CORPORATION       00:30:48:59:f7:f4       Supermicro Computer, Inc.       00:30:48:dc:78:79       Supermicro Computer, Inc.       00:e0:81:70:18:5c       TYAN COMPUTER CORP.       00:25:64:d4:d8:5c       (Unknown)       00:01:05:00:ef:08       Beckhoff Automation GmbH       00:19:d1:67:9a:c1       Intel Corporation       00:06:d5:14:0d:f8       Diamond Systems Corp.       00:14:d1:a8:d8:71       TRENDware International, Inc.       00:14:d1:a8:d8:6a       TRENDware International, Inc.       00:14:d1:a8:d8:68       TRENDware International, Inc.       00:14:d1:a8:d8:63       TRENDware International, Inc.      00:24:73:84:da:4a       (Unknown)      00:11:11:2b:6b:33       Intel Corporation      00:0e:35:44:38:86       Intel Corp      00:26:bb:09:b9:c6       (Unknown)      00:25:56:04:d7:b6       (Unknown)

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