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Message ID: 1030     Entry time: Thu Sep 9 13:12:24 2010
Author: Alastair 
Type: Computing 
Category: General 
Subject: paths and aliases 

 Some of our standard stuff from bash wasn't working in tcsh shell, so I've added some extra paths and aliases.  The tcsh path file (.cshrc) now has the following added


setenv PATH ${PATH}:/opt/apps/Linux/medm/bin

setenv PATH ${PATH}:/opt/apps/Linux/dataviewer

setenv PATH ${PATH}:/opt/apps/Linux/grace/bin

setenv PATH ${PATH}:/opt/apps/Linux/tds

setenv PATH ${PATH}:/opt/apps/Linux/gds/binsetenv PATH ${PATH}:/opt/apps/Linux/ZooZ-1.2

setenv PATH ${PATH}:/caltech/scripts


I also added the following aliases
alias dv 'dataviewer'
alias sitemap 'medm -x /cvs/cds/caltech/medm/c2/atf/C2ATF_MASTER.adl &'
The following now work which previously did not work in tcsh
dv (an alias to open dataviewer)
sitemap (opens medm with the top level medm file)
For some reason 'diaggui',  'foton' and 'mainmenu' still won't work.  You just get 'Abort'.  If you cd into the correct folder for them and run them using ./diaggui, ./foton or ./mainmenu then you get the same thing.  Using bash if I cd into the directory and run them in this way they work.  Does tcsh need to know of some other paths to get these to work?


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