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Message ID: 1024     Entry time: Wed Sep 8 02:00:36 2010
Author: Dmass 
Type: Laser 
Category: Doubling 
Subject: Oven Snafu Update 

I had a minor accident with the ovens a couple days ago - the lead of the 100 Ohm platinum RTD broke off at the RTD. I was using this for the loop.

I have a 1 kOhm platinum RTD affixed to the oven, but apparently the newport 3040 doesn't "know about" 1 kOhm RTDs, and forbids setting that as its resistance internally. I am opting to grab another 100 Ohm RTD from my pile at home and tape it on top tomorrow.

I feel the need to say this internal limitation from the 3040 is this months "most ridiculous thing I have encountered from anything which costs more than 2$," as it is totally unneccesary.

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