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Entry  Wed Sep 1 20:31:26 2010, Dmass, Electronics, Doubling, Calibration Line MZCalLinePZT.pdf
    Reply  Thu Sep 2 19:10:04 2010, Dmass, Electronics, Doubling, Calibration Line MZNoiseBud.pdfMZFreqSubRMS.pdf
       Reply  Fri Sep 3 10:21:29 2010, Koji, Electronics, Doubling, Calibration Line 
Message ID: 1012     Entry time: Wed Sep 1 20:31:26 2010     Reply to this: 1013
Author: Dmass 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Doubling 
Subject: Calibration Line 

I added a calibration line to the MZ PZT - I used the "Dither in" input on the HV PZT Drive Box (D060283)

I am using a function generator (SRDS335) to put a 12Vpp 100 Hz sine wave into this input.

The input goes through a Sallen-Key high pass with a corner of 2.4kHz, so this is around 58 dB down by the time it gets added into the drive signal. I looked at the gain in RMS from this, and it was not dominant in the band of interest.

I took some spectra with a relatively precise (< 5%) calibration of:

2 V/rad for Green diff

4.5 V/rad for IR diff

With a 0.03 Hz BW measurement in DTT, these show up with about an SNR > 10 with peak heights of:

0.00261 for IR

0.00239 for Green

These were spectra taken in Volts/rtHz





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