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Entry  Wed Oct 8 13:40:02 2008, Dmass, Laser, PSL, Chiller Noise 
    Reply  Sat Nov 8 21:38:17 2008, Dmass, Laser, PSL, Chiller Noise 
Message ID: 101     Entry time: Sat Nov 8 21:38:17 2008     In reply to: 99
Author: Dmass 
Type: Laser 
Category: PSL 
Subject: Chiller Noise 

The new chiller was making a noise (as reported to me by John).

It was emitting a continuous high pitched tone, and the display alternated between the set point temp, and "d1" or "di".
I hit enter twice, and it stopped. To be safe, I have turned the 35W off until I spend some time down here and make sure
that the chiller is ok. I have left the chiller on.

The chiller was making the noise again. Again it said di on the screen. The noise and warning went away when I pushed any button on the front panel. I think it's just a warning that the water no longer qualifies as DI, as the light on the back of the chiller was red (it's green when the resistance is high, red when low - either change the di cartridge or figure out how toe disable the noise. As we don't necessarily want to use DI water because of the metal plumbing, I am inclined to disable the warning noise if I can.
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