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Message ID: 3     Entry time: Tue Feb 19 09:35:33 2019
Author: Dennis Coyne 
Type: Plan 
Category: General 
Subject: OCF Queue 

Here is an update to the prioritized materials testing queue for UHV compatibility, which was last reported in elog:1

  1. NKT Photonics large mode area, Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF) ESM-12B sourced from ThorLabs. This is a fiber under consideration for higher power, lower loss, green light injection for the OPO in the squeezer subsystem. (High priority due to degradation of the H1 fiber.)
  2. Accu-Glass PEEK UHV Heat-Shrink Tubing (useful for in-chamber cabling)
  3. Krytox LVP (not officially approved for LIGO, but permitted extremely small amounts on beam diverters & within New Focus picomotor 830X-UHV)
  4. Torr Seal epoxy (proposed for ZnSe window seal for in-vacuum, non-pumped, wavefront sensor by Australians, possibly for A+?)
  5. Castrol Braycote 601EF (used in a proposed vacuum rated heat switch motor assembly for Voyager)

Note that the following test has been terminated/completed:

  • E1800210, EUCLID (possible A+ component) - failed (marginally) after 215 days of testing




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