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Message ID: 2     Entry time: Thu Jan 17 16:04:17 2019
Author: Dennis Coyne 
Type: General 
Category: General 
Subject: revised thermoelastic response of the cavity mirror 

The original thermoelastic response of the mirror was documented in T970212, using the IDEAS finite element code. The analysis was redone using ANSYS and an analytical (series expansion); These two approaches agree with each other fairly well. The new results are similar to the original steady-state calculations in the original T970212-x0. The new results are uploaded to T970212-v1. While the  characteristic time for the thermal response of the mirror (assuming only radiative coupling, no conduction) is ~190 sec (~3 minutes), the thermal response and thermoelastic deflection are at 90% of the steady-state value in ~30 seconds.


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