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  464   Fri Dec 2 11:42:03 2022 KojiOpticsCharacterizationOMC #1 cleaning for water soluble contaminants[Camille, Koji] Log of the work
on Nov 30, 2022


following is the notes from GariLynn

  465   Fri Dec 2 12:38:15 2022 KojiOpticsCharacterizationOMC #1 cleaning for water soluble contaminantsAnother set of FC cleaning was applied
to FM1/FM2/CM1/CM2 and SM2. Some FC strings
are visible on SM2. So I decided to clean
  466   Fri Dec 2 23:58:33 2022 KojiOpticsCharacterizationOMC #1 cleaning for water soluble contaminantsThe second trial of the water scrub

A bright scatter is visible on
FM1, so I tried water scrub on FM1. This
  457   Tue Nov 15 10:58:53 2022 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC #1 damaged black glass removal[Camille, Koji]

The damaged black glass was removed
from the OMC breadboard leaving the glass
  458   Tue Nov 15 11:12:24 2022 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC #1 fogging on the AR side of BS1 cleaned[Camille, Koji]

Photo of the BS1 AR cleaning process

Attachment 1: Before cleaning.
  477   Thu Jan 26 23:46:13 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC #1 input beam dump bondingA beam dump was stacked on the base of
the previous beam dump. The angle was determined
so that the main transmission goes through
  475   Thu Jan 26 23:07:14 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC #4: Input beam dump bonding[Camille, Koji]

During the second UV epoxy session,
we did not bond the input beam dump. This
  474   Thu Jan 26 22:57:19 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC #4: One Invar block bonded with tilt[Camille, Koji]

The bottom side template was separated
into two pieces and successfully removed
  483   Thu Feb 2 03:09:41 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC #4: One Invar block bonded with tilt[Camille, Thejas, Koji]

We added a reinforcement bar at
the back of the invar block which had the
  484   Sat Feb 4 03:16:10 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC #4: One Invar block bonded with tiltThe attached photo shows the resulting
bond spread.

  479   Sat Jan 28 00:46:21 2023 KojiMechanicsGeneralOMC #4: Replaced the locks of the transport fixture Yesterday, we noticed that we could not
close the transport fixture for OMC #4. We
could not fully rotate the knobs of the locks.
  476   Thu Jan 26 23:16:35 2023 KojiOpticsConfigurationOMC #4: Top side bonding.[Camille, Koji]
  471   Thu Jan 19 23:45:44 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC #4: cavity mirror bonding[Koji, Camille]

We worked on the bonding of the
flat mirrors for the OMC cavity with UV epoxy.
  472   Mon Jan 23 19:51:20 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC #4: cavity mirror bonding[Camille, Koji]

We continued to bond two CM mirrors
and the other two steering mirrors for QPD2.
  319   Tue Mar 19 17:30:25 2019 KojiGeneralCharacterizationOMC (002) Test itemsOMC #002 Optical tests

measurement (done, 2019/1/8-9, 2019/4/1)
  325   Fri Apr 5 23:30:20 2019 KojiGeneralGeneralOMC (002) repair completedOMC(002)
repair completed

When the cable harness of OMC(004)
  547   Thu Jun 15 13:13:57 2023 KojiElectronicsConfigurationOMC (004) DCPD/QPD preparationWork
log for June 14, 2023

Selected QPDs from the
  556   Mon Jul 10 20:23:47 2023 KojiOpticsCharacterizationOMC (004) Spot positionsBelated entry: OMC(004) Spot positions
(Jun 15, 2023)

Photographs of the spot positions
  558   Mon Jul 10 20:52:19 2023 KojiOpticsCharacterizationOMC (004) TMS measurementBelated entry: OMC(004) TMS measurement
with the PZT voltages scanned (Jun 12/15,
  482   Wed Feb 1 01:44:14 2023 KojiGeneralGeneralOMC (004) plan2/1 2:30PM~ Bonding reinforcement (Last
EP30-2 gluing)

2/2 1:00PM~ Peripheral attachment
  550   Sun Jun 25 21:08:37 2023 KojiGeneralCharacterizationOMC (004) transported to Downs for cable furnishingOMC (004) + the transport fixture was transported
to Downs 227 with the boxes for OMC cabling
hardware and DCPD/QPD connector parts.
  595   Mon Aug 7 16:00:30 2023 KojiGeneralGeneralOMC (004): Cable installation The writing of this elog is still on going

[Dean, Stephen, Koji]

  535   Thu May 4 15:12:14 2023 KojiGeneralCharacterizationOMC (004): Final Testing
FSR measurement (dip) -
done May 3, 2023
measurement (RFAM injection) - done
  541   Tue May 16 10:26:12 2023 KojiGeneralCharacterizationOMC (004): Final Testing
FSR measurement (dip) -
done May 3, 2023
measurement (RFAM injection) - done
  596   Mon Aug 7 16:01:05 2023 KojiGeneralGeneralOMC (004): Production completedOMC (004) Production completed. The OMC
together with the transport fixture is still
placed at the 40m clean room.
  127   Tue May 14 19:06:00 2013 KojiCleanGeneralOMC BakingThe OMC is in the air bake oven now.
  387   Fri Dec 13 14:59:18 2019 StephenGeneralGeneralOMC Beam Dump Production Cure Bake[Koji, Jordan, Stephen]

The beam dumps, bonded on Fri 06
Dec 2019, were placed in the newly tuned
  388   Wed Dec 18 21:54:53 2019 KojiGeneralGeneralOMC Beam Dump Production Cure BakeThe beamdumps were taken out from the oven
and packed in bags.

The bottom of the V are completely
  393   Mon Sep 28 16:03:13 2020 ranaGeneralGeneralOMC Beam Dump Production Cure Bake
are there any measurements of the BRDF
of these things? I'm curious how much
light is backscattered into the incoming
  394   Mon Sep 28 16:13:08 2020 KojiGeneralGeneralOMC Beam Dump Production Cure BakeAccording to the past backscatter test
of the OMC (and the black glass beamdump:
not V type but triangular type on a hexagonal-mount),
  110   Sat Apr 13 21:06:02 2013 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC Bottom-side: cavity glued[Jeff, Zach, Lisa, Koji]
Gluing of the cavity mirrors went
  155   Thu Aug 22 15:34:03 2013 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC Cavity side gluing[Koji Jeff]
o BS1, FM1, FM2 prisms were glued
=> This fixed the unstability of
  235   Thu Aug 20 01:35:01 2015 KojiElectronicsGeneralOMC DCPD in-vacuum electronics chain testWe wanted to know the  transimpedance
of the OMC DCPD at high frequency (1M~10M).
For this purpose, the OMC DCPD chain
  236   Wed Aug 26 11:31:33 2015 KojiElectronicsGeneralOMC DCPD in-vacuum electronics chain testThe noise levels of the output pins (pin1/pin6)
are measured. Note that the measurement is
done with SE. i.e. There was no common mode
  623   Mon Sep 18 15:08:26 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralOMC HEPA enclosure filter fan speedI went in lab today and turned the HEPA
filter (clsoe to the entrance) to high since
we are not doing any measurements at the
  586   Thu Aug 3 09:42:36 2023 ThejasOpticsGeneralOMC Lab HEPA air filter noise Koji mentioned that previously sarisfactory
particle count was not acheived with the
Med/Med HEPA filter setting once the enclosure
  487   Sat Feb 4 03:33:22 2023 KojiGeneralGeneralOMC Lab InventoryAttachment 1: North Cabinet 2nd from the

Attachment 2: North Cabinet 3rd
  503   Tue Mar 7 23:00:16 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationOMC Lab clean upToday, Koji and I cleaned up the the lab
space and made some space on the
optical table for radius of curvature measurement
  553   Thu Jul 6 10:19:23 2023 Thejas GeneralCharacterizationOMC Lab optic table [Camille, Thejas]

The optics table in OMC lab was
cleaned up, cameras and photodiodes used
  414   Fri Jul 15 22:14:14 2022 KojiGeneralGeneralOMC Lab recovery for the OMC #002 test- The lab is chilly (18degC)

- Cleaned the lab and the optical
table a bit so that the delicate work can
  43   Thu Nov 29 21:18:23 2012 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC Mounting Prisms have come   PB293030.JPGPB293032.JPG 
  382   Tue Oct 22 10:25:01 2019 StephenGeneralGeneralOMC PZT Assy #9 and #10 Production Cure Bake OMC PZT Assy Production Cure Bake (ref.
elog 381) for PZT Assy #9 and #10 started
  1   Fri Jun 15 15:45:49 2012 KojiGeneralGeneralOMC PlanLIGO Document G1200683-v1:

aLIGO OMC fabrication and testing
  108   Thu Apr 11 15:10:22 2013 KojiGeneralGeneralOMC Progress[Zach, Jeff, Koji]

- Jeff configured the bottom
side template to have a nominal value
  277   Tue May 16 19:05:18 2017 KojiOpticsConfigurationOMC SN002 fix - temporary opticsWorking on the SN002 OMC fix. Checked the
inventory. I think I am using C8 mirror as
the new temporary CM1 and PZT24 as the new
  70   Thu Mar 14 17:06:21 2013 KojiMechanicsGeneralOMC SUS work @LLOEDIT (ZK): All photos on
Picasa. Also, I discovered that
  25   Tue Oct 9 05:03:15 2012 KojiElectronicsGeneralOMC Test Electronics Setup   electronics_setup.pngelectronics_setup.pdf 
  24   Tue Oct 9 04:59:24 2012 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC Test Optical Setup   OMC_test_setup.pngOMC_test_setup.pdf 
  81   Mon Mar 25 19:31:16 2013 KojiOpticsGeneralOMC Top-side gluing[Koji Jeff Zach]  
  69   Thu Mar 7 15:53:47 2013 KojiMechanicsGeneralOMC Transportation fixture, OMC PD/QPD mounts   P3073218.JPGP3073219.JPGP3073223.JPGP3073225.JPGP3073227.JPG 
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