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  570   Fri Jul 21 00:07:03 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneral [Camille, Thejas, Stephen]

Effort was made to coarsely align
the laser beam into the caivty
  318   Sat Feb 2 20:35:02 2019 KojiOpticsCharacterization Summary: OMC(002) HOM structure recalculation (after mirror replacement) OMC (002) after repair
History:Mirror replacement
after the damage at H1. Measurement date
  379   Tue Sep 24 12:19:20 2019 StephenGeneralGeneral Dirty ABO test run prior to PZT Subassembly Bonding The 40m Bake Lab's
Dirty ABO's OMEGA PID controller was
borrowed for another oven in the Bake Lab
  432   Thu Jul 28 00:28:15 2022 KojiGeneralGeneral OMC #002 Cable bracket replacement (2) Connector

- (Attachment 1)
  433   Thu Jul 28 00:46:47 2022 KojiGeneralGeneral Subject: OMC #002 Cable bracket replacement (3)Checking the spare parts 

- Conclusion for OMC#2:
need PEEK cable
  459   Thu Nov 17 18:56:22 2022 KojiOpticsGeneral Transmission measurements of OMC #1 after deep cleaning[Camille, Koji]

- Removed the first contact we
left on Monday.
  250   Thu Feb 18 21:08:32 2016 KojiGeneralLoan / Lending(all returned) Antonio loanAntonio borrowed: Rich's PD cutter
(returned), Ohir power meter(returned),
Thorlabs power meter head, Chopper
  467   Mon Dec 5 20:09:39 2022 KojiOpticsGeneral(re)starting the OMC #4 build[Camille Koji]

We started buikding the
OMC #4. 
  605   Mon Aug 14 07:52:11 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneral2nd cleaning of the cavity optics[Camille, Thejas]
11 August 2023
  461   Fri Nov 18 18:41:05 2022 Camille MakaremGeneralGeneral2nd deep cleaning of OMC #1The four cavity mirrors in OMC #1 were
each scrubbed using acetone and a cotton
  294   Sat May 5 22:51:04 2018 KojiOpticsGeneral3IFO EOM Optical testThe 3IFO EOM test performed at
the 40m. Result: 40m
ELOG 13819
  298   Mon Jul 2 11:30:22 2018 KojiElectronicsCharacterization3IFO EOM impedance measurement[Rich Koji]

3IFO EOM (before any modification)
was tested to measure the impedance of each
  297   Wed May 30 17:44:23 2018 KojiOpticsCharacterization3IFO EOM surface check3IFO EOM dark microscope images courtesy
by GariLynn and Rich

Attachment1/2: Hole #1
  219   Sat Jan 17 11:40:04 2015 KojiGeneralGeneral3rd OMC completedJan 15, 2015 3rd OMC completed

The face caps of the DCPD/QPD cables
were installed (Helicoils inserted)
  428   Wed Jul 27 10:09:51 2022 KojiGeneralGeneral4+4 wire clamp in handRegarding: D1200971

- 4 CLASS A wire clamp obtained
  400   Mon Nov 9 22:06:18 2020 KojiMechanicsGeneral5th OMC Transport FixtureI helped to complete the 5th OMC Transport
Fixture. It was built at the 40m clean room
and brought to the OMC lab. The fixture hardware
  480   Wed Feb 1 01:33:03 2023 KojiMechanicsGeneral5th OMC Transport FixtureThe transport fixture was brought to the
40m clean room to use as an assembly reference.
  303   Thu Jul 26 20:57:07 2018 KojiElectronicsCharacterization9MHz port tuned impedance[Rich Koji]

The 9MHz port was tuned and the
impedance was measured.
  369   Mon Jul 1 12:38:49 2019 KojiOpticsCharacterizationA and M prisms perpendicularity measurement[Stephen, Koji]

The perpendicularity of
some of the A and M prisms were tested.
  289   Mon Nov 27 20:24:24 2017 KojiGeneralGeneralA former LHO PD (Trans) removed from the OMC #002 for the shipment to StockholmAttachment 1: The PD was
removed from the transmission side of the
OMC #002 (former LHO OMC - the one blasted
  215   Mon Aug 4 18:59:50 2014 KojiGeneralGeneralA memorandomOn breadboarfd cabling for 3IFO OMC
D1300371 - S1301806
D1300372 - S1301808
  621   Wed Aug 30 12:38:52 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralA+ OMC #1: HOM spectrumExamination into bonding template confimred
the limitation of space available to
change cavity length by at least 10 mm to
  566   Wed Jul 19 11:00:56 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralA+ OMC Bonding [Camille, Thejas]

The A+ OMC transport fixture
and optic breadboard was transported to the
  496   Fri Feb 17 17:25:39 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Breadboard measuerementsYesterday we also measured weight and dimensions
of breadboard. Error for the following measurements
is same as the least count of the instruments
  543   Fri May 19 16:09:31 2023 StephenGeneralGeneralA+ OMC Build Progress, Week of 2023.05.15A+ OMC Build efforts ongoing or completed
this week:

 PZT lead onboard
  546   Fri Jun 2 17:15:44 2023 StephenGeneralGeneralA+ OMC Build Progress, Weeks of 2023.05.22 and 2023.05.29A+ OMC Build efforts ongoing or completed
in the last two weeks:

 PZT lead onboard
  504   Wed Mar 8 17:27:51 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Curvature minimum of curved optics [Stephen, Thejas]

Today, a more rigorous effort was
made to re-measure the position of the optics
  506   Fri Mar 10 11:12:57 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Curvature minimum of curved optics [GariLynn, Stephen, Thejas]

Yesterday, we placed an iris (borrowed
from OMC Lab) infront of the spherical transmission
  502   Tue Mar 7 10:20:55 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Curved mirror radius of curvature[Camille, Stephen, Thejas]

Stephen returned the curved mirror
#6 to Liyuan for point transmission measurement.
  509   Tue Mar 14 18:24:03 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Curved mirror radius of curvatureToday, I tried to measure the radius of
curvature of the curved mirror using the
input beam for the OMC test set-up. It was
  510   Tue Mar 14 20:06:03 2023 Koji OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Curved mirror radius of curvatureIf the mirror has the RoC, it works as
a lens. And you should be able to see the
effect in the beam profile.
  511   Wed Mar 15 15:28:24 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Curved mirror radius of curvatureThanks for teh comment Koji. Yes, I did
see this effect by comparing the beam sizes
with and without the curved mirror. But the
  512   Wed Mar 15 17:07:35 2023 Koji OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Curved mirror radius of curvatureI hope you can find useful lenses from
the lens kit in the cabinet. If you need
more lenses and mounts, talk to our students
  513   Fri Mar 17 15:01:21 2023 Koji OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Curved mirror radius of curvatureThanks Koji, the lenses available in the
cabinet in the lab actually sufficed. 

  520   Tue Apr 11 16:18:25 2023 ThejasOpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Curved mirror radius of curvatureCurved mirror radius of curvature raw data
can be found in the DCC document: T2300050

The input beam falling on the curved
  526   Wed Apr 19 14:28:08 2023 ThejasOpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Curved mirror radius of curvatureRestimation of the parameters

Camille and I went back to the
lab to re-measure the beam profile follwoing
  531   Fri Apr 28 14:24:03 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Matching [Thejas, Camille, Stephen] 

Here are some notes on how
I plan to approach matching of
  544   Tue May 23 16:30:09 2023 Thejas ElectronicsCharacterizationA+ OMC Piezos LA coupling Oplev setup was built: arm length about
2 m 

As the PZT 44 was actuated with
  497   Fri Feb 17 17:41:57 2023 Thejas ElectronicsCharacterizationA+ OMC Piezos wedge angle [Camille, Stephen, Thejas]

PZT model: Noliac 2124

Qty: 18 (Sr. No. 30 - 48)
  524   Mon Apr 17 17:56:25 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Piezos wedge angle PZT dimension analyzed and characterized.
The blue dot in the images represents the
position of the cathode. The length of the
  491   Tue Feb 14 10:45:00 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Prism perpendicularity[Camille, Stephen, Thejas]

Following the wedge angle measurements
of the prisms, perpendicularoty of their
  492   Tue Feb 14 22:52:35 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Prism perpendicularity of HR Prisms and BS[Camille, Stephen, Thejas]

Continuing with the efforts to
measure the perpndicularity.
  539   Mon May 15 14:20:03 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC ROC Herewith attached are the results
of curved mirror radius of curvature characterization. 

  540   Mon May 15 14:24:41 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC ROC Koji's mirror measurement result attached
herewith for comparison. 

  573   Fri Jul 21 13:42:10 2023 ThejasOpticsGeneralA+ OMC Unit 1 Cavity Build7/21/23

Fringes were observed at the optic-breadboard interface.
This was eliminated by cleaning the interface
  574   Mon Jul 24 16:12:14 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralA+ OMC Unit 1 Cavity BuildIt is ~1mm from the zero of the micrometer
readings. See attached photos from the 1st
OMC build.
  575   Mon Jul 24 17:39:06 2023 ThejasOpticsGeneralA+ OMC Unit 1 Cavity Build7/24/23

The cavity input was re-adjusted
to make sure the beam was parallel to the
  576   Mon Jul 24 17:43:25 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralA+ OMC Unit 1 Cavity BuildThanks Koji

  577   Tue Jul 25 11:03:13 2023 ThejasOpticsGeneralA+ OMC Unit 1 Cavity BuildThis readjustment to the input beam involved
adjusting the persicope mirorrs and sterring
mirror. We estimate that this will have changed
  495   Fri Feb 17 17:11:28 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC beam-splitter prisms wedge angle measurement [Camille, Stephen, Thejas]


Yesterday we measured wedge angle
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