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Entry  Mon Aug 14 14:13:34 2023, Camille Makarem, Optics, General, mode-mismatch in the cavity 
For Set 1 of the data in https://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8081/OMC_Lab/604,

VREFL(unlocked) = 3.226V
VREFL(locked) = 0.13V
Entry  Tue Aug 15 16:15:13 2023, Camille Makarem, Optics, General, new power measurements (after cleaning) REFL_CCD.PNGPowerBudgetAnalysis.PNGipad_notes.PNGSpotPositions.PNG
[Camille, Thejas, Masayuki]

This afternoon we finished the realignment that we started after the FC cleaning in https://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8081/OMC_Lab/605.
Entry  Thu Aug 17 07:57:12 2023, Camille Makarem, Optics, General, mode-matching in the cavity 
[Camille, Thejas, Koji]
16 August 2023
Entry  Thu Aug 17 09:06:51 2023, Camille Makarem, Optics, General, realignment of beam path through mode-matching lenses irises.PNG
[Camille, Thejas]
16 August 2023
Entry  Mon Aug 21 07:59:40 2023, Camille Makarem, Optics, General, cavity realignment and new power measurements 6x
[Camille, Thejas]
18 August 2023
    Reply  Mon Aug 21 15:02:32 2023, Koji, Optics, General, cavity realignment and new power measurements 
This is WOW!

Excellent mode matching work.

The measurement is still consistent with the low loss even with the different mode-matching level.
Entry  Tue Aug 22 15:51:15 2023, Koji, General, General, Inventory: C30655 PDs 
During the OMC(004) assembly, the stock situation for Excelitas C30655 PDs was checked.

PD Cage H
Slot 1: Laser Components 3mm ->
Entry  Thu Aug 24 16:09:46 2023, Camille Makarem, Optics, General, PZT length-to-angle coupling PZT2.jpgPZT1.jpg
[Camille, Thejas]

We checked the length-to-angle coupling of each PZT by monitoring the position of the transmitted beam on the CCD camera. The CCD camera was placed
Entry  Fri Aug 25 22:01:29 2023, Koji, Facility, General, LED Strip installation plan LED_Strip.pdf
Here are the dimensions of the LED strips and their gaps.
    Reply  Tue Aug 29 16:54:46 2023, Koji, Facility, General, LED Strip installed PXL_20230829_232310007.jpgPXL_20230829_232345702.MP.jpgPXL_20230829_232317162.jpg
[JC, Koji]

We've installed the LED strips on the HEPA frame. We tried not to touch the OMC there. But please check if everything is still ok.

Attachment 1: Installed LED light. Notice the room light is off. At the max brightness, it's still sufficient to work with
Entry  Wed Aug 30 12:38:52 2023, Thejas , Optics, General, A+ OMC #1: HOM spectrum 
Examination into bonding template confimred the limitation of space available to change cavity length by at least 10 mm to improve the cavity HOM
spectrum. Here's an anlysis of HOM spectrum for various possible ROCs and corresponding required cavity length change for optimum HOM spectrum. 

Assume: Astigmatism: Rx-Ry = 8mm
Entry  Mon Sep 18 15:08:26 2023, Thejas , Optics, General, OMC HEPA enclosure filter fan speed 
I went in lab today and turned the HEPA filter (clsoe to the entrance) to high since we are not doing any measurements at the moment. 


Entry  Fri Dec 18 15:33:24 2015, Koji, General, Loan / Lending, Loan from Rich 
Loan Record: I borrowed a PD can opener from Rich => Antonio Returned Sep 9, 2016

Tungsten Carbide Engraver (permanently given to the OMC lab)

Entry  Thu Feb 18 21:08:32 2016, Koji, General, Loan / Lending, (all returned) Antonio loan 
Antonio borrowed: Rich's PD cutter (returned), Ohir power meter(returned), Thorlabs power meter head, Chopper
Entry  Tue Apr 5 18:14:55 2016, Koji, General, Loan / Lending, QPD Lending Crackle 

QPD head
X-Z stage
Entry  Thu May 3 21:45:58 2018, awade, General, Loan / Lending, Borrowed toaster oven 9CE80545-7A58-4236-B7E3-1EE6C4042DAA.jpeg
I’ve borrowed the black and decker toaster oven to dry some sonicated parts. It is temporarly located in the QIL lab. 
Entry  Tue Oct 22 15:54:59 2019, Koji, Electronics, Loan / Lending, Borrowed LB1005 from Cryo Cav 
From Cryo Cav setup

Borrowed LB1005 Servo box -> OMC

Entry  Mon Aug 10 15:34:04 2020, Koji, Facility, Loan / Lending, Glue bake oven 
Black and Decker Glue Baking Oven came back to the OMC lab on Aug 10, 2020, Georgia had lent the unit for the SAMS assembly/testing.
Entry  Tue Apr 4 16:14:06 2023, Koji, Optics, Loan / Lending, C7 mirror to Downs 
I handed Camille the C7 mirror for the cross-calibration of the ROC characterization techniques.
Entry  Wed Apr 26 14:43:44 2023, Stephen, General, Loan / Lending, Borrowed Items for PZT DC Response Shadow Sensor Setup PXL_20230426_185227710.jpg
Borrowed for PZT DC Response Shadow Sensor Setup (see Attachment 1):

Thorlabs PDA100A Photodiode (and power supply)
Thorlabs MDT694B Piezo Driver

Current Location: Downs 227
    Reply  Fri May 12 10:00:06 2023, Camille Makarem, General, Loan / Lending, Borrowed Items for PZT DC Response Shadow Sensor Setup PXL_20230511_201545235.jpg
The ThorLabs MDT694B piezo driver was returned to the OMC lab.


Borrowed for PZT DC Response
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