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  609   Thu Aug 17 09:06:51 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneralrealignment of beam path through mode-matching lenses[Camille, Thejas]
16 August 2023
  610   Mon Aug 21 07:59:40 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneralcavity realignment and new power measurements[Camille, Thejas]
18 August 2023
  611   Mon Aug 21 15:02:32 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralcavity realignment and new power measurementsThis is WOW!

Excellent mode matching work.

The measurement is still
  612   Mon Aug 21 16:05:07 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsCharacterizationcavity realignment and new power measurementsThanks for clarifying that. We will repeat
some power measurements and check the output
offset voltage to the laser.
  613   Mon Aug 21 16:15:09 2023 KojiOpticsCharacterizationcavity realignment and new power measurementsYou should proceed to the next steps. You'll
need to repeat the power measurements before
the bonding. Next time, the measurement procedure
  614   Tue Aug 22 10:25:10 2023 ThejasOpticsCharacterizationcavity realignment and new power measurementsThanks Koji, we did observe this discrepency
and thought that the code normalizes the
power/voltage readings to the reference power
  616   Wed Aug 23 07:48:14 2023 Camille Makarem, TejasOpticsCharacterizationFSR and TMS measuarement of A+ build[Camille, Thejas]
22 August 2023
  617   Thu Aug 24 12:30:58 2023 Camille Makarem, Thejas OpticsCharacterizationFSR and TMS analysisAttached are the analysis results from
the measurements in 616.
FSR: 264.657354 +/- 0.003444 MHz
  618   Thu Aug 24 16:09:46 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneralPZT length-to-angle coupling[Camille, Thejas]

We checked the length-to-angle coupling
  621   Wed Aug 30 12:38:52 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralA+ OMC #1: HOM spectrumExamination into bonding template confimred
the limitation of space available to
change cavity length by at least 10 mm to
  623   Mon Sep 18 15:08:26 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralOMC HEPA enclosure filter fan speedI went in lab today and turned the HEPA
filter (clsoe to the entrance) to high since
we are not doing any measurements at the
  624   Mon Sep 18 15:09:55 2023 Thejas OpticsCAvity BondingPiezo inertial micromatersNew piezo actuated micrometers from thorlabs
arrived last week. 

4 x MPIA10
  18   Tue Aug 14 03:29:06 2012 KojiSupplyGeneralClean supply rackClean supplies & some cleaning tools
are located at the right side of the entrance.
The file cabinet there was moved to
  123   Fri May 10 09:33:22 2013 KojiSupplyGeneralCOMSOL simulation on the glass bracket stress   COMSOL1.png 
  274   Thu Jan 19 20:57:53 2017 KojiSupplyGeneralPurchaseOrdered:

Office Depot
v AA battery Qty. 24
  275   Thu Feb 16 17:23:12 2017 KojiSupplyGeneralPurchase
BNC Patch Panel

Amphenol Connex 112443 / Isolated BNC FEMALE
  321   Thu Apr 4 20:07:39 2019 KojiSupplyGeneralPurchase== Office Depot ==
Useful Box 9L x 6 (delivered)
  375   Wed Sep 18 22:30:11 2019 StephenSupplyGeneralEP30-2 Location and StatusHere is a summary of the events of the
last week, as they relate to EP30-2.

1) I lost the EP30-2 syringes that
  376   Wed Sep 18 23:16:06 2019 StephenSupplyGeneralItems staged at 40m Bake Lab for PZT Subassembly BondingThe following items are presently staged
at the 40m Bake Lab (see photo indicating
current location) (noting items broght by
  384   Tue Oct 22 11:56:09 2019 StephenSupplyGeneralEpoxy Status update as of 22 October 2019The following is the current status of
the epoxies used in assembly of the OMC (excerpt
from C1900052)
  407   Fri Feb 5 07:40:37 2021 StephenSupplyGeneralOMC Unit 4 Build Machined PartsOMC Unit 4 Build Machined Parts are currently
located in Stephen's office. See image
of large blue box from office, below.
  411   Wed Jul 7 14:21:50 2021 StephenSupplyGeneralOMC Unit 4 Build Machined PartsMore explicit insights into the inventory
for the Unit 4 build. Image of inventory
included below.
  453   Fri Nov 11 19:07:48 2022 KojiSupplyGeneralSupply OrderClean Supply Ordered

TexWipe TX8410 AlphaSat
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