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Entry  Fri Oct 9 01:01:01 2020, Koji, General, General, TFT Monitor mounting 20201008214515_IMG_0152.jpg20201008214519_IMG_0153.jpg20201008214536_IMG_0154.jpg20201008220955_IMG_0155.jpg20201008221019_IMG_0156_2.jpg
    Reply  Fri Oct 16 00:53:29 2020, Koji, General, General, TFT Monitor mounting 
Message ID: 396     Entry time: Fri Oct 9 01:01:01 2020     Reply to this: 397
Author: Koji 
Type: General 
Category: General 
Subject: TFT Monitor mounting 

To spare some room on the optical table, I wanted to mount the two TFT monitor units on the HEPA enclosure frame.
I found some Bosch Rexroth parts (# 3842539840) in the lab, so the bracket was taken for the mount. This swivel head works very well. It's rigid and still the angle is adjustable.


BTW, this TFT display (Triplett HDCM2) is also very nice. It has HDMI/VGA/Video/BNC inputs (wow perfect) and the LCD is Full-HD LED TFT.



The only issue is that one unit (I have two) shows the image horizontally flipped. I believe that I used the unit with out this problem before, I'm asking the company how to fix this.


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