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Message ID: 395     Entry time: Thu Oct 8 19:55:22 2020
Author: Koji 
Type: General 
Category: Characterization 
Subject: Power Measurement of Mephisto 800NE 1166A 

The output of Mephisto 800NE (former TNI laser) was measured.
The output power was measured with Thorlabs sensors (S401C and S144C). The reference output record on the chassis says the output was 837mW at 2.1A injection.
They all showed some discrepancy. Thus we say that the max output of this laser is 1.03W at 2.1A injection based on the largest number I saw.

Attachment 1: Mephisto800NE_1166A.pdf  145 kB  Uploaded Thu Oct 8 20:55:42 2020  | Show | Show all
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